Forthcoming Events

All events and meetings are cancelled at the moment due to the Corona Virus situation.

January, 2020
Dinner at the Dairymans

February 2020
Breakfast at the Sloop Inn

March 2020
Dinner at the Bargeman’s Rest Newport

April 2020
AGM at the Orchards

May 2020
Old Barn. May 22 – 24

June 2020

Dairyman’s Daughter, 5th and 19th
(subject to lockdown being lifted
Head Office has cancelled all DA’s
meeting for June

July 2020

Dairyman’s Daughter, 10th
Head Office has cancelled all DA’s
Meetings for July

August 2020

THS. August 1st to 20th
Dairyman’s Daughter
See THS page

September, 2020

Orchards, September 4 – 6

October, November, December, 2020. TBC


The Camping & Caravanning Club