To members of the Camping and Caravanning Club,
Isle of Wight D A.

Dear Friends,

I feel I can call you that, as we are known as the Friendly Club. What a strange year 2020 was, due to the Covid Virus and being advised not to run rallies.

Well your committee were not to be beaten, so with lots of advice and common sense, as well as sticking to all the advice on safety measures, they found a way to run a THS for 3 weeks.

So that members could come and stay at, for a few nights at a time, or for the whole 3 weeks. Many members both local and mainland made use of this facility. Ann and I came on many afternoons to meet and greet some of the visitors and even stayed one night in the motor home to give it an airing. This all seemed to work very well with special extra social distancing of the pitches, and was well received by those that came. So well done Paul and Dan, for setting it up and running it, a job well done..

Also Paul and Dan have been very busy persuading Head Quarters to accept the Fighting Cocks as an official rally site, well done again for persisting in the fight and winning.

Also we were the only club I believe to have run an event this summer on the I o W.

Unfortunately for all our other social events we could not find any way to run them successfully, within the rules but hopefully this will be OK this year.

Looking ahead we are hoping that meets/rallies that Paul has organised for 2021 will be able to go ahead with no problems.

As Chairman I have nothing but praise for Paul, Dan and Mac for the work they have done this difficult year to keep us going.

Especially as earlier last year we lost our excellent Treasurer Paul O` Rourke who sadly passed away.

As the DA cannot run with out a treasurer, Dan with the help of the District Treasurer kept us going legally, as well as doing his duties as Secretary, thank you and well done Dan.

Dan has agreed to take on the post of Treasurer full time, so we need to find a new volunteer to take on the role of Secretary. Do any of you feel like taking the job on?

Also we do need to increase our committee numbers in order to be able to continue, as I say a Secretary, a Vice Chairman, and a couple of extra committee members, this would help to spread the work load. So how about it some of you, come and join our happy band, if you decide that you would like to then please let us know before mid February. We now have the AGM scheduled to be held virtually on Saturday April 24, 2021. at 11am. ( see details on how to participate on the latest news page )

So once again I must thank the team for their sterling work to keep the DA going in the difficult 2020 year, so that we can continue in 2021 and grow in strength.

My Wife Ann and I, along with all members of the committee, wish all members a very good and much better camping New Year in 2021.

Your Chairman Ron and wife Ann. Twining

om the island Members of the DA since this new Committee was formed in April 2019.

There is still lots to be done of course for 2020, but with the continuing help and enthusiasm from DA Members, we are sure forthcoming events and rally’s will provide fun and
enjoyment for all that wish to join in

It has been particularly gratifying that so many Members have volunteered their Email addresses to our Rally Officer, Paul Murch, this ensures that Paul can send out club information to such members very easily and quickly, if you have not done so but would like to be put on the list,
Paul can be contacted at,

Also growing in number is our DA Facebook group, here you can post pictures and comments about club events
and any other subjects you think might interest other DA Members, its a closed group so you will need to provide your club membership number to gain access.

The DA Committee would like to wish all DA Members an enjoyable time over the festive season and look
forward to meeting many of you at events and rally’s in the new year.

The Camping & Caravanning Club