To the members of Isle of Wight Camping and Caravanning Club. DA.
June 17. 2021

From your Chairman.

Dear Friends,

What can I say, except that the Birthday rally was a hot one, they do say that the sun shines on the righteous and it certainly did that weekend.

Paul certainly chose a good weekend for his birthday, with the temperatures in the high twenties and clear blue sky’s and just a hint of clouds.

Well done Paul it is going to be a hard one to beat, I am sure the members who were there would like to thank you and your team of helpers for the week end, as Ann and I do.

I also noted that we had a good mix of members some we knew and some new members (to us that is) on site to enjoy the weekend of relaxing.

I did try to have a chat with most of the campers over the week end, (I know I am a chatter box, can’t help it,) but I had to disappear into the van at about 5pm on Saturday as I overdid the sun,

(my own fault as Ann said, I should have known better) so as expected no sympathy there.

I hate to admit it but she was right of course (as she usually is), so I will know better next time.

But it was good to be out in good weather and with good company, and I noted that many of you got together in small socially acceptable groups to have a drink and a chat, because after all, that is what rallying is all about.

Take a look at some of the pictures on the picture page.

So the next weekend rally is after the THS, but I am sure that if asked nicely Paul will allow some of us to join him on some of the weekends over the THS.

I look forward to being on a rally again with you soon.

All the best from your Chairman Ron and his wife Ann.

The Camping & Caravanning Club