A good turnout for our Mince Pie meeting at the Bear Café 12/12/21
Santa Ron and Elf Ann, dishing out the sweets at the Bear Café. 12/12 /21
Santa with hand on heart, promising Paul he will bring what’s on Paul’s Christmas wish list. Bear Café 12 /12/21

Breakfast meeting at the Fighting Cocks Pub. October 24.2021

Dinner at the Fighting Cocks, meeting ,September 17 – 19. 2021
Coffee morning at the Clubs Adgestone site, September 10 – 12. 2021
Adgestone Club site September 10 – 12. 2021. This weekend coincided with Amy and Dan’s 10th wedding anniversary, so they very kindly decided to provide dinner for Members on the Saturday night, which was a great success, and much appreciated by all recipients.
Adgestone, September, 10 – 12 2021.
Adgestone, September 10 – 12, 2021
Adgestone, September, 10 – 12. 2021.

THS. Marking out the pitches. July 24. 2021

THS. Trimming the over hanging tree branches at the site entrance. July 24. 2021

THS. Amy, Helen and Sue, updating the THS signage. July 24. 2021

Paul and Sue preparing Bacon Butties , given to Members in celebration of Pauls Birthday . There wasn’t a cake, because sadly we could not find one big enough to support that many candles !!! Pauls Birthday Bash, at The Dairyman’s Daughter, June 11 to 13. 2021
What real camping is about, this Members magnificent tent comes complete with wood burning stove, not just for heating but to cook on as well.
The Dairyman’s Daughter. June 11 to 13. 2021
These Members certainly know how to tour the Island in great style. The Dairyman’s Daughter. June 11 to 13. 2021

Members very happy just to be out again with their units, after lockdown

The 2021 AGM was carried out by Zoom. April 24. 2021.

The Camping & Caravanning Club