To the members of Isle of Wight Camping and Caravanning Club. DA.
March 26th 2021

Dear Friends,

Time to bring you up to date, with what the Club is doing, since my last news letter.

A lot has been going on in the background, although you may not have seen much of it, because most of it has been sorting out how we would run our AGM this year, and agreeing locations for meets.

How have the officers and team been in contact since the lockdowns, well mainly by emails and phone calls, as there has not been a lot we could do during this time.

Unfortunately we had to cancel the Easter THS at the Dairyman’s due to the current regulations regarding how we can get together. Then because the Orchards stopped accepting bookings from large groups, we had to hold our AGM as a zoom meeting.

The Rally Officers Birthday bash is now going to be at the Dairyman’s site in June, if all goes to plan.

So I am not going to go beyond that at this stage, as things seem to be subject to change quite rapidly regarding Meets and Venues.

On a personal note, Ann and I would like to wish all of you the best for the coming year, Also that we all get our 1st and 2nd Covid jabs, in order to stay healthy, and able to meet up again as friends.

I am also hoping that the restrictions will soon be eased, so that we can have a good summer, and enjoy the great outdoor life together again as friends.

Finally my thanks go to all the members of the team for all that they have been doing to try and get us meeting again. We have all learnt a lot during this time since we reformed the small committee, and after the AGM we now have some new faces joining us to help us into the future.

So wishing you all the best for this year and hope to meet some of you at future meets or coffee mornings when it is allowed.

So I think that is all for now.
Your Chairman Ron, and wife Ann Twining.

om the island Members of the DA since this new Committee was formed in April 2019.

There is still lots to be done of course for 2020, but with the continuing help and enthusiasm from DA Members, we are sure forthcoming events and rally’s will provide fun and
enjoyment for all that wish to join in

It has been particularly gratifying that so many Members have volunteered their Email addresses to our Rally Officer, Paul Murch, this ensures that Paul can send out club information to such members very easily and quickly, if you have not done so but would like to be put on the list,
Paul can be contacted at,

Also growing in number is our DA Facebook group, here you can post pictures and comments about club events
and any other subjects you think might interest other DA Members, its a closed group so you will need to provide your club membership number to gain access.

The DA Committee would like to wish all DA Members an enjoyable time over the festive season and look
forward to meeting many of you at events and rally’s in the new year.